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Day trip to Fairbanks, Alaska!

If there is something that I am, it is spontaneous. And I am so thankful for a fiancé who supports me in my spontaneity of traveling to the other side of Alaska for a day trip.

I have made friends with other Alaska content creators online, but there is nothing like meeting them in person. And that's how this trip went when we got to spend the day with Lizzie (Alaska Lizzie on her Instagram and TikTok's).

Lizzie showcases Fairbanks, and shares about the small business community in Fairbanks as well. She has helped bring people together and continued to build a sweet community in Fairbanks. She has recently started a Bus Tour, where she takes people around Fairbanks to support small businesses! While we were there, we got to stop in so many of those small was neat to see!

If you're interested in going to Fairbanks for a day trip and want some ideas of fun and local places to eat and check the video below! Attached in my description of the video is the Instagram links of all the businesses we stopped into.


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