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A NEW YEAR! - January 2022 recap

It's a new year, which meant some big things happening over here, like the launch of this website. Hello! I also wanted to also use this space to give you guys little life updates and things I've been working on and what Ive been up to living in a remote Alaskan village.

The holiday time was a beautiful time to be together with family. By the turn of the year, all my siblings were back together and my family from Anchorage was here visiting too. What a sweet time to just be together for meals, games, outdoor adventures, and so much more! It was a bittersweet goodbye as it seemed like every other day, someone was leaving which meant it was the end of the holiday season and time to go back to "normal life".

One of the really awesome things that happened at the turn of the year was my Etsy shop made several sales... just in the beginning of the year! Every other day, I was packing orders to send out to places all over the United States with little bits of my heart and home inside. If you didn't already know, I have an Etsy store where I sell Port Alsworth and Alaska themed stickers, apparel, and gifts (more info about it is in the contact section of my website). In sending out these orders, there were days where I would walk to the Post Office with my Mom in 20 degree weather, tugging along a sled with orders to be dropped off. Or hopping on a four wheeler late at night or early in the morning (either way, it was still dark outside :) ) to drop off orders at the Post Office before or after work. It made my heart so happy to see items that represent my home being sent out! My goal for the end of the year for my business is to make 250 orders, and I'm already close to that goal. and it's all thanks to the people of TikTok.

I also made my first guest appearance on a podcast! Sarah contacted me and asked if I would like to be a guest on her podcast, Introducing Me where I had the chance to talk about my life in remote Alaska. It was my first ever podcast and I was so excited (and nervous!). If you want to listen to the podcast you can find it on Spotify or here:

Typically in the winter, work at the air taxi slows down quite a bit. However this year, it was still going full swing. It was like working with the summer type of busy yet in the winter, which is very unusual. But I am so thankful for the chance to work and have some income! As the end of the month came around, it started to slow down which Im not going to complain about either. I like a little extra time to focus on my Etsy store and content creating.

We had a few days where the warm weather swept in and made everything turn to ice. Including the runway. Which when that happens, you can guarantee there won't be flights that day. My sister, Jordan, and I took advantage of this "ice day" and brought the ice skates out for some adventuring. We made our way down to Hardenburg Bay, where just a few days before, Jordan and her friend made a little ice skating rink. However, there was about 2 inches of slush before ice. So instead, we made our way to the aircraft ramp of my grandfathers air taxi to skate up and go onto the runway. It was so smooth and honestly way better then the actual ice covered Bay.

Something about living in remote Alaska, so far away from any store or restaurant, sometimes I get cravings for some specific food. This time, it was McDonalds. I don't even really like McDonalds, but a burger sounded nice. A client came through the office of the air taxi a few days with a McDonalds take out bag and it nearly made me cry :) I know that sometimes it takes a while to get things out here to the little village, so when getting takeout, you have to consider things that would still be good even if they sit in a fridge for a day or two. My siblings and parents are the greatest and they bought me Panda Express and some Mooses Tooth Pizza (Mooses Tooth is a pizza place specific to Alaska, and if you're every in Anchorage, I recommend you go and try it!). I felt so loved, especially since I was still home while the rest of them were in Anchorage awaiting the arrival of my little niece!

There are some really cool and fun adventures coming up in the next few months, and Im excited to share them with you all as they come! As the turn of the year came, I made some goals for 2022. I put them in categories as personal, social media, and business. Here are what my goals are this year for social media:

  • reach 500 subscribers on YouTube

  • Reach half a million on TikTok

  • Reach 3,000 on Instagram

It's fun to set goals and see what it takes to reach them, which I think that all three of those are obtainable! Let's see how this all goes down in the next 12 months.

Peace out!

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